Our network infrastructure is a shambles. Can you help?

Yes. Our Team can revamp your cabinet and other infrastructure. We organise your systems with cable management, clear labelling, and documentation. Here is an example of before and after: .

Our WIFI is weak in sections of the office. Can you fix this?

Yes. We implement and configure a range of commercial-grade wireless Access Points that greatly improve signal strength across large areas.

How can we ensure that unsecure personal and guest devices can’t access our internal systems?

We implement secure WIFI networks that are segregated for use by office equipment or unsecure personal and guest devices. Additional internal segregation and security can be achieved by using Virtual LAN (VLAN) and Network Access Control (NAC) technologies. This ensures that unsecured devices can’t affect your important systems.

How can we fix the slow and unreliable internet connection?

We can provide a range of commercial-grade internet services. They offer uptime guarantees, greater reliability, and higher speeds than standard connections.

How can staff make calls using the business number while outside the office?

We work closely with telecommunication providers that have apps that enable calls to be made from anywhere. Your existing numbers can be ported to these apps.

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